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Long Legs and High Hopes

So he came by last night. And… i let him have it.

After I let him have it and got all the frustration outta my system we talked about what was going on and why i hadn’t heard from him. my assumption of him being mad about me hanging with his roommate/my homie was wrong lol.he said he was going through things that i won’t go into detail about but he was very descriptive and i had to respect it because i’ve been in similar situations. he did admit that he could have been a better communicator and that moving forward he sees where he went wrong and we won’t have the problem again. i also said that i probably shouldnt have given up and been so quick to say fuck it without knowing the situation and the reason behind his absence.

we also talked about him being more consistent. like i got use to him being around and when all of a sudden he wasn’t around i felt some kind of way because hell…i got use to him being around and i got use to the idea of him and i setting apart time to spend with each other regardless of what’s going on. i explained this to him and that if he would not be able to be consistent with something in regards to me and him its best to not even start it ya know?[ for example if you start out spoiling me, i’m gonna expect you to spoil me from here on out. and if you stop ima look at you crazy like you done lost yo damn mind.]. i asked if he saw a future with me and him, and explained that if he didn’t then let’s not waste each other’s time with hanging out and trying to compromise about things. we talked about a LOT! and it gave both me and him a lot of clarity. i’m glad we had that talk.

i don’t like that he’s not an open communicator but i do like that he knows how to communicate. like he…is pretty reserved, but when you need to have a real heart to heart with him he does open up. He is nothing like my ex and i love it!!!!

i must admit. i havent been in a healthy relationship so i know there are some things i need to work on when it comes to potentially being in a relationship with someone [example: not being so quick to say forget it when things aren’t going my way] and he has been single for a while so he hasn’t had to consider anyone else’s feelings but his own so he has some things to work on too. but i have this gut feeling that he is a good guy and is willing to put forth the effort to make our friendship progress into something more. and that’s definitely not something that i’ve had before. i had to pull teeth to get guys to act right.

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