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Long Legs and High Hopes

So I’m reading this novel, I guess you could call it, by Carter G. Woodson entitled the Mis-Education of the Negro. My English professor suggested that i read it because…I just like to read and she said she found it to be quite enlightening.

So I’m reading it and it is actually really deep. It talks about how African Americans are expected to get so a certain level in life and go back and help their community but the problem with that notion is that these affluent African Americans were never educated on how to do so and so on and so forth. The book primarily describes the problems within the African American community. Dr. Woodson also provides his readers with an in depth analysis of the pitfalls of the educational system and how it has failed to equip black students with the tools they need to not only thrive as individuals but also foster the growth of their race as a whole.

So first off I respect Dr. Woodson and his work of literature…however I have mixed feelings about some of the viewpoints expressed in the book. Like I totally understand where Dr.W. is coming from with the whole get educated and help the community thing, but it’s like easier said than done. There are some ignorant ass people back home, and when I try and help folksĀ  it’s almost like they look at me as if I’m “not real” or have “lost touch with reality” because I’m busting my ass in school trying to make something of myself. I feel like black folk nowadays have the belief that “if you ain in my shoes you cant tell me nothin”. Granted, I’m not in your situation, and yes our lifestyles are different, but hell I’m doing better than you…shouldn’t you be taking notes rather than turning your nose up at me? Not that I’m better than anyone else but I personally feel as though if you meet someone that has what you want or is where you’re trying to get to in life you should have no problem with listening to them, or pulling from them because OBVIOUSLY they’re doing something right and you’re not. So instead of acting like you got everything together, chill out, and be humble and pick their brains. That’s like me talking with the CEO of a Fortune 500 and acting like he can’t tell me nothin. I’d be the jackass because he’s gonna walk out of the room and go to his private jet and I’m gonna go back to a Honda( I dont actually have a Honda just an example).

Some people are just too proud. And that’s why I think our race isn’t as prosperous as it could be. If we threw the pride shit out the door and pulled from each other we’d be even badder than we are now. Just my thoughts… But yea I’m gonna keep reading this book. Maybe my viewpoint is ignorant and by finishing up the book that’ll clarify some things for me.

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